For weddings flower orders booked in 2014 (with a minimum order of $1,500.00), we're offering a FREE 2 night
  stay at a luxury California Bed and Breakfast.  Are we crazy?  Maybe.  Is there a catch?  Absolutely not. 
  In addition to offering highly competitive (sometimes better) wedding flower pricing, we're throwing in a $350.00
  value B&B stay for FREE!!!  For a peek at our wonderful Trip Advisor recommended lodgings, just check out the
  "2011 BED & BREAKFAST PROMO" page of this website and link to them!

  I'd love to sit down with you and tailor a floral design scheme combining your flower preferences/colors/design
  ideas with mine.  You'll LOVE what we create!

  There's no need to fill out a "Contact Form".  (I don't like filling out forms -- I bet you don't either!)

  Contact Michelle Shaughnessy at Creative Florals via telephone:  760.944.1434.

                                Contact Michelle Shaughnessy at Creative Florals via email:                                 
                                I look forward to hearing from you!


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