Hi, this is Michelle Shaughnessy, San Diego special event florist.
      Over many years I've noticed that clients make two comments:

  •   "I thought I wasn't explaining what I wanted, but you                        understood exactly." 
  •   "You were so easy to work with!"

     My signature?  Ensuring that your floral decor creates the desired 
     impact while making the selection process fun and easy!  When isn't 
     the process fun?  When you're dealing with an "artiste". The artiste 
     makes the process, well, complicated.  Not fun or easy!

    Just tell us your color scheme.  We'll provide creative ideas for 
    stunning florals at earth-bound pricing.  Don't know your style or price 
    range?  Relax!  Having designed flowers for over 1,000 special events, 
    we'll ask the right questions to create a design plan reflecting you.
    Remember my clients' comments....I understand, exactly!   

    Selecting flowers for your special event should be enjoyable.  Call or 
    email Creative Florals.  760.944.1434.  michelle@creativeflorals.net.